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Every day I am faced with the notion that I am a failure as a writer. The nasty emails and direct messages stopped, however, the comments have not.

I don't care about reviews, and never actually look at them. I stopped caring when people were leaving reviews based on the type of person I was, and rarely touching on anything actually in the book. If you 1 star people are still going, that's great! It's better than nothing.

I try not to let these things get to me. After all, if you feel I am a failure, you are right. If you think I'm a success, you are also right. Your perspective is not mine.

I should state that I totally feel like a success most of the time. Imposter syndrome creeps in here and there, but over all I find that I am happy with things. I wish more books would sell. (kind of hard when I rarely advertise them) It would also help if those who follow me on FB and Twitter would share/retweet links/posts, or at the very least like and comment on posts. You'd be surprised how much these little things help!

Keep the nastiness coming. Eventually I will reply, because I can only take crap for so long, but remember, you deserve it.

And to everyone reading this. If you liked my books, I would love to hear from you. Tell me everything you liked and didn't about them. If you are someone who hated them, thanks for taking the time to read one.


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