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Writing Melarandra #3

A lot goes into creating a world, but at the same time all you need to do is let your imagination run wild.

As with a lot of authors, some of my world came in a daydream. Long days, young kids, having a few seconds to yourself is a luxury. At these times I would sit on the deck, close my eyes, and listen. When I was at my camp (cottage, cabin, the lake) this was far easier. The sound of the waves lightly splashing the rocky shoreline. Ducks, geese, or seagulls floating along, calling out to each other. The scent of pine coming on the breeze through the trees behind me. All made it quite easy to create a fantasy world.

The name Melarandra came to me when I was first coming up with the idea to write a fantasy novel. I was considering what I would call it, and there it was. I wish all parts of writing were that easy!

Character names are different. Some are a play on people who I know, or their actual name. A lot I just pick a letter of the alphabet and go from there. Everything about them is drawn from those I know. This person's hair, that person's personality, nothing is 100% someone I know, only a part of them.

Places are another made up thing for the most part. A few are plays on characters I loved by certain authors, and street names. I also created a dragon and elf with purple eyes because I love a character that looks this way. (Drizzt)

Of course creating names for inns, taverns, and ships is the most fun. These ones can be a mess of silliness, and that's what makes them amazing.

To keep everything together I have notebooks that have descriptions of the people and creatures. I also drew a half-assed map so that I could keep the places the same distance apart. I still mess up on things sometimes, but hope I catch them all before I hit publish. There's always something!

I will always have imposter syndrome. I doubt that will ever go away. At least I can hide within my little world, and discuss it with them.

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