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My Rambling Writing Journey

If you actually read my blog posts, you've probably noticed the constant rambling about writing. I always have a topic in mind to blog about, and it usually runs away from me. Such is my style.

My characters try to take over all the time. They don't appreciate the ramblings and try to change the flow of the novel. Sometimes it works. Most of the time I win, and change it in later drafts.

As I've stated previously, my writing style is part pantsing and part plotting. I start of pantsing, then begin to jot notes down on things to change. When it comes to going through the novel a third or fourth time, I usually have things broken down into chapters, and what I wish to change, or add, to them. I wanted to burn these notebooks, but my husband insists I keep them. So once they are filled, they get moved to a bag.

I have five novels out, and one novella. Each one taught me something different. One taught me flow, while another taught me the important of conversation. Another it was why you can limit conversation and just use narration to get your point across. Hopefully I use my new found knowledge to make the next novel in the line better.

The last two days I worked constantly on fixing up the novella. It wasn't right in the mind of many, so I hope my knowledge since I first published it three years ago improved enough to fix it. I didn't change much. A tweek here and there is all I did, so the main story wasn't affected. That part I won't change. It is exactly as I wanted it to be. In fact, I'd say it was my favourite work so far. Right now Malena is only available on Kindle, but it will be up on other ebook sites, and in print, within the next few days. The only reviews I have for it are one on Smashwords, that called it boring, a few on Goodreads, and I think a couple on Kobo. So if you do pick it up PLEASE review it. Hopefully I fixed the boring start.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on the newer novels. I still haven't figured out if I want to continue on book one of the trilogy, or work on book six. Right now it switches up. Guess tomorrow I will see where my muse wishes me to go, and hope she isn't inebriated!

As always, write your way. Don't worry about all these stupid rules you hear people mention. If it feels right to you, go with it. You'll learn, you'll grow, and most of all, you'll have fun.

If it's not fun, it's not worth it.

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