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Realm Of Lungast

Although it is a neighbour to the Central Lands, the Realm of Lungast is no stranger to war. To the north lies Marlsman Keep. A strange fortress created many centuries ago. No record of its build, or why it was even created, has ever been found. The only thing anyone knows, is the Border Wall which sits not far off must be guarded. Both are maintained religiously.


Lungast is situated along the coastline of the Myran Ocean. Mountains sit north and south, marking its borders. To the east, a small range, as well as the territory of the elves, divide it from the Central Lands. 

Ogres, goblins, trolls and giants all call this land home. Most were banished from the Central Lands by wizards to Lungast.

In the Elbrien Forest you will find the main kingdom of the elves. The city of Almberson sits in the heart of the forest. Only those who are friend, or are in need, are allowed to enter their domain.

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