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The Unforgiving Wilderness is home to all manner of creatures. Most with hearts which are cold and black. Battles happen daily, and mainly for sport.


The Humans in this region are few, and if caught by the other races, are usually used as slave labour. Very few live free.

Orcs and Centaurs have dominated the eastern part of the region for centuries. Banding together, with the help of Ogres, Trolls, Stemple Gnomes, and the Lost Ones, they attempt to find a weakness in the Great Wall. Fighting amongst themselves, they have not achieved much.

Darkest of the inhabitants are the Therin. Living deep within the dark forests, at the base of the Fallen Giant Mountain, they live. A thick wall surrounds their city. They see little sunlight and as such have evolved into a creature with white, almost translucent skin, and hair as black as a starless night. To those in the east, they would appear to be a type of elf, although that name is not known to them. The Therin are ruled by a council of priests, who await the arrival of the two who will lead them into glory, and fulfil a centuries old prophecy. They only know to conquer, and are experts at fighting in the dark. Their goal; to remove their evil cousins in the east, and to rule the world beyond their borders. With the help of a green and black dragon, they will set forth and let the world know of their existence.

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