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Almost One Month In

Here we are. A new year. New decade. Same old life.

I should be writing, but can't seem to find a reason to do so. First and second drafts are done, now it's time to add/remove what's needed. However, every time I pull up the file, I leave it sitting there, open.

I'm no longer flooded with negative remarks. The emails and private messages telling me my writing sucks have dwindle down to almost nothing. Changing my Twitter, so that only people I approve can follow and tag me, is helping a lot. The jerks are forced to harass someone else. I won't keep it this way forever, it was just a good idea for now.

The latest messages show me that book 1 isn't that great. Now, I am well aware of this fact. It's out there as is because I wanted it to be. With all the comments, though, it might be time to actually over-haul it. I was planning to eventually, but perhaps sooner is better. We shall see.

Reviews are still popping up, but no where near as frequent as I would like, or on the platforms that matter to the masses. I doubt I will ever get them on said platforms, but I can dream!

I should also say Thank You to the people who message me with kind words, encouragement, and suggestions. It is appreciated. I might not agree with some of the points, but I am happy to have outside opinions. One day they might make me a decent author!

A new idea for this current WIP has popped into my head. This trilogy is different, weird, and so far quite fun and annoying to write. I do worry that because it is different that it won't be received well, but I will still be putting it out there. (hopefully by spring at the latest) If it is not liked, then it is not liked. That's how things go.

If you are interested in reading any of my books, I have a website. You can contact me through the site too. I also have a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. I'm always open!

So I will end this senseless rambling, and try and get some writing done. I hope the start to your new year, and decade, has been wonderful. Keep being you!

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