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I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I have lived elsewhere, but always felt the call to come home. Happy I did!


 This city is mainly known for producing NHL hockey players, but the surrounding areas are a perfect setting for fantasy novels. The descriptions of forests, views over water, etc are from my daily life. Many authors have come out of this area, and many artists. It's a perfect setting for anything!


I began writing this series back in 2000, and after many issues, finally published the first novel. It isn't edited well, sorry, but the story itself is becoming a favorite for many.


Currently, I am working on the 5th installment to the series. I am also outlining a trilogy, as well as the next few novels in the series. All of my books take place on Melarandra. 


Over all, the point was to get the novels out there. No fame or fortune is expected.



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