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Below you will find the novels, and novella, currently available for purchase.

 Printed and eBooks are available online at many different websites. If you have a favourite website, go take a look!


(Books are listed in the order I think they should be read in)


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Children of the Sun and Moon

ISBN: 9798507038015
ISBN: 9798504001401


Book 1 in the World of Melarandra Series



Royal twins Koral and Eric Traven had been told since they were children a prophecy pertained to them. The prophecy told of the return of magic, something forbidden in the Central Lands for almost 500 years, yet they both possess it. Each has a unique ability, and both are needed for the prophecy to come to fruition. But there is a problem. Eric wishes to be remembered by history as a hero, and has set off on his own to fulfil the prophecy, leaving Koral to scramble to catch up.


The Order of Maget, the group responsible for keeping magic in check, has an agenda of their own. Sending out the Magima, highly trained trackers, and the ones responsible for finding all things, and people, who possess magic, the Order wishes to make certain this prophecy does not get fulfilled.

With the help of Gillock, a wizard from the old days, and new friends she meets along the way, Koral sets out into the Central Lands. Time is already against her and she wonders if she will find her brother in time. And more importantly, before the Order does.



Children of the Sun and Moon
Cavern of the Heavens
Cavern of the Heavens

ISBN: 978-1517045999




They had failed.

This, along with the reminder they lost one of their own, continued to plague all those involved with the quest. Magic was returned, but it was chaotic, and dangerous. Their world was slowly falling apart.

But not all hope is lost. Prince Eric, newly discovered to be a War Wizard, was told the death was the true start of the prophecy. A passage in a book speaks of one with his magic abilities and points to a place that could hold the key to fixing magic once and for all.


Now, Eric and part of the band, set off to the Realm of Lungast, with hopes that they may put things right. Danger is following them at every turn, and a war is brewing between the elves and humans of this land. Eric's one hope is that they can fix things in time to save them all.


MALENA - a novella

ISBN: 978-1522731627

AISN: B01A63C2M4


Tried and convicted for being one known to possess magical abilities, as well as being caught using demons and dark magic, Princess Malena sits in a cell, awaiting her punishment.


Gillock, advisor to the king and queen, has a different idea. His plan: to get Malena's side of the story, and before the penalty of death is enacted, banish her to the Void. It is the least he can do for the royal family, who has kept his secret for so many years.

Casting a small spell to set Malena at ease, Gillock sets about writing down her tale. What he discovers, however, is a sad story of a simple life, and the tragedy that pushed Malena to become the person that all see today.

I recommend you read this novel after Cavern of the Heavens and before Shard of the Fallen Goddess. Not necessary, but it is my suggestion. PD Stewart



Shard of the Fallen Goddess
Shard of the Fallen Goddess

ISBN: 978-1533628657




Magic has been fixed, and the lands were starting over. Hopes and alliances are being created, ending the hostility that had plagued the Realm of Lungast for many decades. Life, however, has more in store. Talk of strange occurrences at Marlsman Keep have King Tusta worried. If the Border Wall fell, the land could be thrown into another war. This time with an unknown foe.


The goddess Painish has called Eric, along with Gillock, Vernia, Maxwell and Kaitlyn to her island. An evil was once again rising in the south, and it is up to the small band to stop it. With one quest barely over, they must embark on an adventure which was mysterious, and very dangerous. Scared and unsure of what lay ahead, Eric is forced to once again prove he is worthy of being a prince, as well as a War Wizard.


With Eric off on another quest, Koral and her elven companions decide to return to the Central Lands, but what they find sets Koral on an adventure of her own.

Elizanne has been kidnapped.

Even though her new abilities are taking their toll on her body, Koral decides it is worth the risk. She, along with Jessup and the elves, race to Jijitsa. Time is already against them, and with issues arriving at every turn, King Jeremy wonders if they will get to his queen in time.

The Saviour's Empire

The Saviour's Empire

ISBN 978-1544730486



Brin Traven; the Saviour. Once a princess in the Central Lands, she now rules the Southlands.


Kijitsa-Mur: The Saviour’s Empire.

The land under her rule is immense, but her eye is drawn north. North is where she is from, where the family, who should have protected her, live. Hatred for them now fills her heart, giving her one clear goal: total destruction. They are the only people who could threaten what she now has, and after tasting the power under her control, Brin has no desire to lose it.


With her husband at her side, and a vast army filled with men and creatures, the like that no one in the north has ever witnessed, she swears to destroy her family, and take control of the Central Lands.

The Staff of Mordenren

The Staff Of Mordenren

ISBN 978-1722919641

AISN B07L31328V


The Realm of Lungast trembled as word spread

The Therin have arrived.

With a cloud of dust, which could be viewed for miles, they thundered into the realm. Their goal was no less than to destroy their ancient enemy, and enslave all who opposed this.

But there is still hope.

Within the Fallen Giant Mountain lies the Horde of Karabine. A horde which spans the ages and holds as many dangers as it does treasures. Here Prince Eric, War Wizard and next in line to be king of the Free-Realm, travels to find a stone. The stone, along with a branch from a rare white oak tree, could be used to create the Staff of Mordenren. With this magic, Eric might be able to push back the advancing army.

However, travelling across an unknown land is not without its dangers. Captured by centaurs, their quest to create the staff could already be over.

Three armies join forces to fight this new foe and attempt a plan of their own. Once again, pages in a book lead a few down a different path in hopes of defeating this enemy.

With Glomain and two dwarves attempting to access a strange magic, and Eric off finding what he needs to create the Staff of Mordenren, all the soldiers can do is hope they can hold off the Therin long enough for one to succeed.

Order of Maget Creation Cover finished.jpg

Creation - Book 1
Order of Maget


ISBN: 9798668572694

First book in the Order of Maget Trilogy
The Order is dark, and wishes to dominate all things magic. Each book in the trilogy follows three leaders of the Order. In book one, follow how they were created with Richard, personally chosen for this task by Kinsley, the darkest wizard of them all. It continues with Orrin, who spreads the dark word of the Order, and ends with Freida, the only female to ever lead the Order.

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