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Writing Melarandra #2

The in-home computer.

This changed everything. I was so happy when I got a Dell flyer showing that I could by a computer and make payments. It was amazing to me. It took no time to get it, and to use it. Putting my handwritten work onto it took some time, thanks to having little kids, but when it was done things began to flow.

I didn't have much time to write, but when I did I made good use of it. It was all groovy until disaster. The disk I stored everything on was corrupted. I immediately hit print, hoping to save something, and luckily I could.

The novel was about half done, and the first half of that was the corrupted section. This made me want to quit, but instead, I began rewriting. Things were different too. People and places that weren't a part of the original story now came into being, and little issues I was having suddenly began to work themselves out. It was amazing!

Fast forward four years, and a new computer comes into the house. This one has better storage on the computer itself, and I also put things on two disks instead of just one. This Dell computer had a built in wordperfect program, which I loved. Now the book was about 3/4 done.

During this time many things happened. I stopped writing for a couple of years. The reason is dumb, but it happened. Anyway, my computer had some issues, and needed a complete wipe out. Disaster two.

Upon adding in the programs again, I found there was only one I could get. Which is fine, however, it turned out the program that came with the computer was specific to it. An experiment, I believe. Anyway, I could look at my file, but could not add to it. Frustration with life, then this, drove me to say FUCK IT, and push the novel aside.

Jump ahead a few years, and I am now living in my hometown again, and with someone who is much better for me. So, I figure that by now there has to be a way for me to do something with this file. Took all day, and four programs, but finally I could convert it into a file that would open in Word. When I realised I could finally work on this again, I jumped in. Took a few months to finish it. Editing took another six months, and this is when I enlisted two people to give it the final walk through. I couldn't afford much, and that is clear to all who have read the book.

During this time I began to search publishing options, and was stunned to see everything out there. What grabbed me most was the boom in self publishing. The more I looked into it, the more I knew this was the way to go. Complete control. After years I finally had a finished novel. It wasn't great, but I was so proud to have accomplished it. On January 5, 2015, I published my novel on Kobo.

Like I said, it isn't the greatest, and maybe one day I will have a pro look at it, but for now it is out there as is. Like it or hate it, that's up to you. To each their own. I only hope that if you like it, you let me know, and if you hate it, you let me know what I can do better.

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