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Kajitsa-Mur:  The Saviour's Empire

The South Lands


Began as a quiet land, with nomadic people. A small desert sat in the south end, the rest covered by forest. Eventually, two gods desired to rule the world, and moved into the south land. It was primative, and they felt taking over Melarandra would be easier starting here. It took centuries, but their evil began to spread across the land. It wasn't long before most of the land died out, and became a desert.

Now, a new evil rules. The people worship the new empress and emperor, and will follow their every wish, even if it means death. 

Strange creatures live in the sands surrounding Temple City; the main in habited area. No army can get close, so the rulers live with no fear of attack. Their own plans are to rule the world, and will do anything to control Melarandra.

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