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Gods & Dragons


Dragons were the first sentient beings to exist on Melarandra. Many tales tell of their creation. Of how they came into being as a mirror to the Earth Mother's heart and soul: wild and untamed. Other animals began to walk the world, taking hold in different areas. Never allowing for much else to move in. Humans were the most dominant. Dragons never had names before the humans came into being. Knowing each other on sight and smell, the humans preferred to name the winged beasts soaring through the skies based on their look and habits. Only one still exists from the ancient times. LEEDA - Large Earthshaking Edacious Dazzling Animal.

Today's dragons have names. Some named by the ones who created them, but sometimes the naming is left up to others. Elves have been known to participate in this act.

GODS - under construction

There are many gods ruling Melarandra. 

The Central Lands, being secluded for centuries, have forgotten all gods but three. The sisters, stars lumped together at all times in the sky, rule their lives.

Almena - Goddess of Stars - luck, chance and fortune

Ademorna - Goddess of Sun - learning, teachings and her monks have                              a dislike for taverns

Allorethna - Goddess of Moon - orphans, kindness, military and                                         protector of those who travel in moonlight

The rest of Melarandra follow those three, and many more.


Earth Mother - Mostly followed by the elves now, but rules all things                                     that grow.

Tem-Pater - The time father. Dark half, once linked to the Earth                                         Mother

Nelvlick - Goblin god of good. Strong supporter of the Earth Mother

Ruineh - God of Assassins - Assassins Guild is called the Shadows of                           Ruineh

Narkomet - God of Healers - Followers are clerics and wizards.                                         Wizards usually work for nobles and royals

Painish - Goddess of Prophets

Tampest - God of Oceans and Seas - creator of storms

Mirrah - Goddess of Oceans and Seas, below the surface - followers are                     mermaids (also known as merelves)

Dernekel and Marnekal - God and Goddess of South Lands - dark                                                             and evil

Nalmala - South Lands Goddess of Hope

Hummoond - Dwarf God

Kordleigh - Dwarf Goddess

Ulgrock - God of the Dead - Ruler of the other-world

Talmbern - God of Holison - ruler of the demon realm

Mistavia - Goddess of Fertility

Jagenmorn - God of War - Followed by Centaurs, Orcs, Goblins,                                   Trolls and most Ogre tribes

Jacen - Wandering God - Followers are nomand, warriors and                                   horsemasters called Sawa. One group, known as The Settled,                         stay in one place. 

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