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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We use cookie to make everything flow better.

IP addresses are collected for the soul purpose of accurately displaying the site visitor count.

We do not collect any other information, and will not sell your information to a second party site.


Is P.D. Stewart a pen name?

Well, it is the name on my birth certificate. However, it isn't the name I use in my daily life.

Where do all the names for people/places come from?

Melarandra came out of the blue. Just popped into my head. Most of the others come from places and people in my life, or variations of their name.

Where can I buy your books?

For print: Not in stores. Best place is on Amazon, however, they are on many different websites.

For ebook: Pretty much anywhere.

Why did you self publish?

I looked into both, and didn't like how little control I would have over things. I don't know if a traditional publisher would have taken my novels, because I never tried. So far, self publishing has been everything I expected.

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