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My World is Once Again A Happy Place

I made a few minor adjustments, took a deep breath, and pushed ahead. My temper was getting the better of me, so I changed things up to cancel that out. Now, I am much happier.

The sky is blue with a few puffs of cloud floating about. We aren't supposed to get too warm today, but it is already 15 C out, so we'll see about that. It definitely feels like a day filled with inspiration.

As I've stated many times, this WIP is quite different than my usual writings, and I am fascinated with it. I do need to find strange inspirations from time to time, but otherwise I am enjoying myself a lot.

I look to many places for inspiration. So many people posted today about new books out, or how they are finally done and want to freak out a bit. I feel that way every time, so I can relate. It makes you feel groovy seeing so much being put out there. Keep it up!

I enjoy receiving emails from the sites I am a part of showing me novels from people I follow. Makes me smile, and add another book to my ever growing list.

So today I will find inspiration everywhere. Even on Snap Chat. My world is once again a happy place, and I plan to keep it this way.

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