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Writing A Little Differently

The Order of Maget

This is what I am writing right now. It is a trilogy that starts when the Wizard's War ended. It shows the rise of the Order (you meet them in Children of the Sun and Moon). So far this trilogy has been interesting.

I guess I should clarify. I am writing this work differently. Each book is split into 3 sections that showcase the life of the current leader and what they are doing to change the Central Lands.

For example, book 1 is Richard, Orrin, Freida.

It's all different due to the fact that the Order is basically an evil group hell bent on using magic to take over the world. They actually get magic to be deemed evil, and anyone or thing destroyed should they possess it. My problem is writing truly evil characters, and the main one in each book essentially is pure evil, yet they are not.

See my fun?

I am taking my time with these ones and have not as of yet set a specific time when the first will be released. I want to be certain that the essence of evil I wish to show is there, along with the innocence that tags along side it.

I've barely made a dent in the first book and I'm already feeling excited and crazy. I really do hope these books come off the way I want (and need) them to in order to set up what is still to come in the main series.

Wish me luck! (and talent)

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