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Too many dreams

I admit it. I have too many dreams.

When January rolls around, everyone likes to reflect on things. Goals are made, or changed. Decisions are made, and for most, things become achievable. main dreams are well beyond my reach. There really is no possible way for me to achieve them. Yet I still dream them.

I am not the "wish I had what so and so has" type of person. My dreams are quite close to my heart. They are a part of my being, so therefore I must continue to dream them.

The achievable ones I am doing little with. I can sell more books..I think..with promotions and advertising. I could be wrong about that, but until I actually can spend the money to do just that, I will remain in the shadows. Those who sit in the shadows tend to see what is in the light more clearly. At least that is how I've always looked at things. (this is probably why my assassin guild is called the Shadows of Ruineh)

I wish I could sell more books. Not to be famous, that is most definitely NOT what I want to do. What I wish is to be able to make enough so I only have to focus on my writing, and not worry about money coming in..aka..needing a "real" job. If possible, I would like to be able to make enough so my husband didn't have to work so much either. (although I think his head would explode if he wasn't doing something) This particular dream is a bit lofty, and a "perhaps one day" thought.

So dare to dream little ones of the earth. Just don't be upset if it takes more than you thought to get there. Nothing that is worth it is ever easy to achieve.

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