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Changing Up My Writing

A couple of years ago, my kids bought me a journal. I am always jotting down ideas for my novels, and they thought the journal would help. I love it, but how I write in it is interesting.

My brain never stops, a common occurrence with those who are involved in any of the arts. When I first opened my journal, I started writing stuff about Melarandra. The notes speak of the world, parts of it, spells, and other nonsense you may one day see in a book. Some days speak of how I am feeling that day, what my plans are, the usual stuff. I also didn't write down anything for a year, and because of this glitch, I knew I needed to change up how I wrote in this thing.

So far, pen and pencil were how things were jotted down. Then this past summer, I decided to up my game. The other day I finally received my quill and ink set. It isn't a fancy one, or even expensive, but seeing as I haven't written with a calligraphy pen in probably 30 years, I felt starting off small was best. I've already been fiddling with it, and even wrote my first entry into the journal with it. It's terrible, blotchy, and absolutely perfect!

Use of this quill will try my patience, and I hope allow me to break out some new creativity. November I will be fixing up the editor's suggestions, and I also signed up for NaNoWriMo. I expect to be in an asylum by December. Until then, I will slow my world down a bit, and continue to write entries in my journal with my quill. (and hope my brain doesn't explode)

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