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October 1, 2018

Monday arrived with the usual flair, although this time it was October 1st. The air was cold, and rain threatened, yet it still caused excitement. If you are a lover of hallowe'en, then you understand.


love this month, for more than just the scares. It is the final month of the year, if your beliefs are the same as mine that is. It is a time to reflect of the year which has passed. A time to listen for the whispers your ancestors wish you to hear. The veil is thin, and when Samhain arrives, all will be as it is meant to.

Each day I watch as people flit about, always in such a rush that they forget to take a moment to breathe. 3 deep breaths do wonders for your body and mind, and during this month, it helps to let your thoughts wander to those who are gone. The veil is thin.

Take time to sit in silence. Light a candle and focus on its flame. Close your eyes, and listen. Within the nothingness, there will be a soft hum, a whisper, a comfort to help you. Perhaps even a soft touch, like a feather brushing your cheek.

This month is for reflection, and a perfect time to plan the next year. Myself, I try to only plan month to month. My goals aren't so lofty that I need a year.

So take comfort in your thoughts, and do not dwell too long on the dark ones. They will pass. Dare to dream, and above all, listen to the whispers from your ancestors.

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