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Everyone has hopes and dreams at one time or another. Some are silly notions, others are what we want in life. All of it begins with an idea. Your frame of mind dictates a lot!

There's a saying, it goes something like 'if you believe you will fail, you most certainly will'. Achieving your dream isn't something that will happen overnight, or maybe even in 10 years. It is something that takes time and dedication.

I woke up one day four years ago, and decided it was time to push the doubts aside, and complete my first novel. At this time, there was no other goal than to finish it, edit it, and let it sit there. Other people had read the rough copy, and told me it was terrible and would never do anything. So I created my first goal, and achieved it.

After completing the novel, I immediately began the next. By the time that rough draft was done, I had decided my next goal. Publish book 1. There weren't many options in Canada, and not much else popped up, so I did what I could, and freaked out after. With book 2, I found other options, and that in turn created new goals.

My dream is to be able to write, and not have to need a side job. (Right now I have 2 side jobs) This goal is a long one. I plan to achieve it after many years. Until then, I take baby steps to make certain it will happen one day.

Working on smaller goals which will help with the end result works a lot better than thinking you can do a lofty one right off. Maybe if you're lucky, it will work for you.

One thing is for certain, I won't give up. Even if every review I get from now on is a terrible one, I don't care. I will keep writing, and keep pushing to make this my one and only work commitment.

My name is PD Stewart, and I love writing fantasy. My world is Melarandra, and it isn't going anywhere.

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