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A Glaring Light At The End Of A Long Tunnel

Finally, the end is nigh! A beautiful light in the neverending darkness. A sign that my muse isn't a total asshat. That's right kids, I am on my last walk through of this novel, and hope that my editors haven't forgotten about me.

I don't know what it is about me, but apparently when I finally get a cover for my novel, everything changes. I am filled with new hope, and new ambition. The desire to get this out to the world becomes far stronger than anything else going on, and it is a magical feeling.

My muse is resting, for I no longer need her at this time. Soon, this brilliant piece of junk will go to the dreaded editing team, and I will wonder how I could consider myself an author. This will be followed by an amazing novel going out to the public, which I will immediately refer to as crap once it is. Don't get me wrong, I do love my novels, but there is always room to improve each one!

When I finally do send this out, I actually plan to not do anything for an entire month. The outline for the trilogy, which is my next project, is half-assed done, and it is good enough right now. I plan to do the rough drafts for all three at once, and focusing on each individually after. Should be fun!

For now, I will finish up this novel, and greet you with the cover. Hope the book is as good!

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