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It's Summer...ish. Now what to do.

Summer arrived with no fanfare. It wasn't even really that warm where I am. That isn't unusual for the NWO area, nor for most areas in Canada.

One thing you can find during this time, is inspiration.

Inspiration is something I appear to be lacking these days. That, along with any sense of urgency, or care. Things are not working as I want them to, and I can't seem to figure anything out. I'm at a loss.

I usually find joy being out in the bush. Forest sounds, along with lapping waves, are my joy. They bring a calm, and amazing focus. The ideas flow like a raging river, and I normally have trouble keeping track. The last few months, not so much. In fact, I would even say it has been the last year.

Although I am having trouble figuring out exactly how I want this novel to go, it is pretty much done. I'm not totally happy with the flow, or how some of the areas are situated right now. It's the little things, which I really need to get a handle on, that are annoying me.

Insert inspiration.

I can go sit by a waterfall, listen to the crashing, and feel invigorated. Yet, nothing comes of it.

Soon, it will be done, and off to the editors. For now, I will chill with my puppy, Vader, walk the paths and trails, and hope

that my muse comes back from vacation.

If any elves wish to show up at night at fix the little issues, I won't tell!

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