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3 Years

3 years. Already! And..only?

January 4th, 2015. That was the day I picked. It was a difficult choice, and my stomach was turning the entire time, but I did it. On that morning, Children of the Sun and Moon was released on Kobo. It was where I decided would be the best start for me. I knew more people who used Kobo, so I took the plunge, and published it on there.

Months later, I had it up on more eBook sites, and also decided to jump into print copies. All I can say is..WOW!

This whole ordeal has been quite the learning experience. I found out there are many people out there who offer up advice, all to make you look like an idiot. There are those who you think are helping make your work better, but they don't. It has been a roller coaster in every aspect. Many times I considered just stopping, but the characters scream I must continue their tale.

Currently I am working on book 5 in this series. I will be using new editors, and from what I have seen I believe they might be the ones! Only time will tell.

The idea to stop still crosses my mind. There are more negative words than there are positive supporters, and it can wear. I plug on, and will continue too until the words stop filling my head. I no longer fear what will happen when the novel is ready for publishing. Instead, I hit publish, and focus on the next tale. With so many to be told, I can't stop now!

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