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Almost Time

It's almost time...for so many things. The solstice, my birthday, Christmas, and the finishing of this current novel.

Snow glitters on the ground, a sight I love to see. Soon we will have the longest night of the year. It's a special time, one in which you can let go of the old, and embrace a new time. Most do this with the ending of the year, but the solstice is a far better time to do it.

Christmas quickly follows, and it is always a crazy time. On the eve, we visit with my 'adopted' family. We wake, and do the usual things, then go for a drive way past the town of Kakabeka Falls. Family time ensues, and before you know it, you are drained and wanting sleep.

It is my hope that this Christmas break I will be able to do all the finishing touches I need to do. I finally finished the rough draft of this novel, and already have much done with it. Still, it needs a lot more revising before I will be able to send it off to the editors. (aka cry time)

With the snow on the trees, and beautiful lights on homes, it is easy to let the world slip by, and forget so many things. I find much inspiration this time of year. Good and bad flourish, which makes my writing life easy. Observation is a key component to most writers, myself included.

So I will sit. I will listen, watch, and hope for great things to happen to my little part of the world. It might be wishful thinking, but I can still hope. After all, it's almost time...for anything.

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