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Speak to the listens

The veil thins. Do you speak to the night? Do you hear?

The time is here, to speak with ones gone before, one who were lost, and ones who wish to be found.

Speak to them.

Light a candle, close your eyes, and remember. Think of good times past, and speak to the night. It listens.

Breathe deep, focus, and believe. Your ancestors want to be heard. Dream of them, speak to them, think of them. Do not fear the whispers, they are here to comfort, and to be heard.

Amazing things come with a full moon, and Samhain. This is the time to find yourself, reflect on the past year, and decide what the new one will bring to you.

All Hallow's Eve Samhain New Year's Eve Hallowe'en

One speaks to your soul. Embrace it. I say, blessed be to all.

Speak to the listens

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