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Inspired By Ishgy Gishgy Cake

How can one be inspired by cake, you may ask? This isn’t just any cake, that’s how.

This cake brings me back to my youth. We would make the ridiculously long trek to Fort Frances from Thunder Bay (it’s forever to a kid okay) to visit my grandparents. Not only was their home a maze of wonders, you could also expect Rice Krispie Squares, and Ishgy Gishgy cake.

The thought of having just one piece of this delight made the drive bearable; although only just.

Yes this cake does have a real name, and if you Google it you do not find a single recipe that comes close to this.

After many years, I can finally make it properly. It’s one of “those” cakes. So today I did, and as I stated, was thrown back to my youth.

Inspirations flowed from this little thought. Ones of how my characters, who are growing up, will soon have children. I was inspired to come up with different scenarios these children will go through. I love it all.

As I have said in many of my posts, seek inspiration everywhere! Even in cake.

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