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Pantsing and Outlining

June 11, 2019

Ok, although I have a general outline of the characters, and places, rarely do I have an actual outline for the book. I keep a notebook nearby, and as I'm writing and new ideas pop in, I write them down. Actually outlining chapters, like I am doing with this current wip, is freaking me out a bit.


I have an open file for book 6 in the series. Every day I come up with something I remember needs to be dealt with so I open it, add a little blurb, but instead of shutting it down, I end up writing a paragraph or 2 of a section that is totally unrelated to the blurb I entered. This is how I normally write.


All of this is clearly making my current wip take longer than it should be right now. However, I feel like if I leave book 6 for too long I might forget the point of it. This conundrum is making me think I might have to forgo the Order trilogy for now, and focus on book 6 (7 & 8). Perhaps I should put my energy into book 6, and do the trilogy on the side?


These are normal writer problems. Trust me!


I love flying by the seat of my pants, with a little outlining mixed in. My notebooks are all called 'ramblings' for a reason. It does bring up some issues though.


The little bits already in book 6 make me excited. (It begins about a decade later than book 5.) They explain the point of Bastle's murder, ancient elvish assassin's, Norala, unicorns running about the real world once again, those thought dead existing in a strange place (and what that strange place is) and finally a glimpse into what might happen with Eric. It's crazy, and I hope, grabs people from the moment they open it.


See! This is why I think I'm going to be putting my energy into book 6, and slowly work on the trilogy.

Well, I guess that's that. I'll do a little of both, and whichever comes to fruition first, gets the focus. Or I might go insane. Either way, something will be accomplished!


So fly by the seat of your pants, write with the flurry of a fairy, or outline. Just do it your way!

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